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Starting Over

School is about to come and I’m currently on the last day of my Summer Vacation. Tomorrow is the time where I will move out again from this house and move on to my small and cozy room in Davao. It will be fine I suppose since I have my favorite thing with me, the one that’s keeping me entertained for the past few days, my desktop computer. This has one helluva vacation for me since we went from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao in one week. It was a fantastic experience. But no, I won’t bore you with all the details. I’m here to talk about starting over.

Starting over has been a very difficult experience for me. Leaving behind the old and beautiful lifestyle will cost a lot to secure a brighter future. Hell, even my computer started over. I cleaned out my old hard disk and replaced it with a new one my aunt gave me. It’s hard letting go of all the programs that you used to use. Maybe you’re thinking that’s it’s easy to reinstall everything but you’re wrong. It might seem good to start over since it could give your computer a clean slate but what if you’ve forgotten something? Like a very important hidden file that was unfortunately included in the reformatting. Well I experienced it, before. Even though that I am confident that nothing important was lost, I get this feeling that there’s something in there that’s important.

The disturbing fact is that a computer is easy to reformat and reuse. I can do everything I want with it and restore it to its former glory. Unfortunately for me, starting over has been hard. Two months of vacation then it’s classes again. I have to go through all the agony of enrolling for college. I’ve been psyching myself up that everything will be all right. And so I sat down. Stared at the monitor of my dad’s laptop and started moving my hands and type. I started pouring out my worries into the keyboard. At least it helped.

Perhaps starting over isn’t a bad thing at all. It’s a light of hope that gives us a chance to correct all the things we have done wrong. A chance that you will be able to face the challenges to whatever life will throw at you. I know it was hard. I know I hate it. But for 4 years of educational agony I have survived. From failing grades, bankruptcy, and even hold-upping, I have survived them all. Every School Year, it’s all new. Records are clean (except the grades) and another chance is given. It’s all in my hands if I want I mess it up. Well, I hope it won’t.

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