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Choosing a Path

roblems, for other people seem to come and go but in my situation, I believe that it never leaves. I've been known to make some rather rash decisions and end up regretting them later. Fortunately, some decisions I made was succesful and victorious, even for taking a large risk. So, I'm at another cross road now. Which one should I take? The harder path or the easier path. Taking the harder path of course requires some work and pretty much uses all my resources. Taking the easy path, however, is much more simpler and not complex, but it has both positive and negative results in the end. Taking the easy path will have a large amount of risk. If ever I fail it, I might fail in life itself. Taking the hard path has also a risk of "failing my life" but it would be a bit minute than the easy path.

So, I pondered and pondered a lot. I think I can go on the easy path, but there is something inside me that is telling me not to. Basically, this is the first time in my life that I reached a 50/50 decision and I am at a loss.

Time is ticking. Several minutes from now, I should choose what to take. There is no time to ponder about it. Time is of the essence. If I will not choose now, I will be forced to choose the easier path. As I'ver said before this will be another decision for me, but how will I know that I have chosen the right one?

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