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Lost Key~

Shoud I say yahoo? Should I be happy? I guess not. People in my dormitory are just plain trustful and irresponsible. Imagine, giving someone the main key. They did not even tried to duplicate it. Duplicating a key does not even cost a lot and it will not take some time. Being such heavy asses as they are they didn't bother to think about it.

Imagine me. All excited to go to my own room and set it all up. It will be quite easy for me to bring up the things since someone is there to help. Unfortunately, the key won't fit. It turned out that due to an attempted robbery the door knob was changed. So basically, the key on my hand won't work. Exhausted from bring my things up to the third floor, I sat down for a bit. But then there are things that I have to do. Bring all the baggages back down at the office for safety lockup. Then I was promised that they would either give me the key or have the door broken down.

And so, I enjoyed my life for a while by roaming the City. I bought some snacks for tonight to keep me awake while I am preparing my things. I'm already imagining how the room would look like since it's like starting over and all. But I was shaking in anger when I discovered that I still do not have the keys to my room. What's worse, it's still locked tight. I wanted to bash the door down. I want to kick it so hard that it would cause a hole that would let me in. I felt so much anger that I imagined stabbing a person down. Hold on. I guess that was exaggerated. But still, I'm angry.

So, I've decided. I'll stay awake again all night. Even though that I really lack sleep, I have to stay awake and lively just to enroll my subjects. I just hope that I wouldn't fall asleep when I'm falling in line. I really hate it when shite happens but it does happen and there's nothing we can do to stop it nor delay it. It all comes down on how we will handle it.

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