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All Out of Love

It's amazing how life is pretty much ironic. As you all know, I have not lived a very happy life during the past days. Now another "event" created another impact on my planet. This shook the very foundations of my sanity. Well, not really. I'm currently emotionally scarred because just this week my girlfriend told me that she might never see me again. No, we didn't break up but her reason to be transferred to another school was because of me. Basically, her parents were strict. We kept our relationship a secret but there was a time, some snoopy old friend of his "accidentally" told someone.

Don't get me wrong, we never broke up. It's just that she'll be so far away. I asked her if it would be okay if I had a decent conversation with her parents. She wouldn't allow me. She explained to me her situation. I felt sad. Very sad. It was entirely all my fault. If I have never courted her this would never happen. But she never did wanted me to think that way. I know she's telling me this to make me feel good, but what she doesn't know it hurts more. Putting up a brave face won't work. I can see it in her eyes. The sadness. The torment.

I was touched to hear that she went here in Davao to see me. To say goodbye in-person. But what she didn't know, it hurts so much more. I never wanted her to see me in a vulnerable state, but on that day she did. First time in my entire life, I cried in front of her.

So, we made the best out of it. We went out and had some fun like we never had months back. The sky is the limit. We visited all the three malls in Davao and watched 2 movies. When nightfall came, we went to her favorite restaurant and ate to our hearts desire. Finally, we went into a quiet place and talked (YES, WE ONLY TALKED). We reminisce the old times. The past experiences, the problems we had, and the challenges we have faced.

Like all things, I knew that moment will end. I escorted her to her dormitory. As she said the words goodbye, I leaned on to her and kissed her passionately on the lips. Then we embraced each other so hard. I slowly stepped back. Turned around and walked away. As I was a bit far away, I looked back and she was still looking at me. She blew me a flying kiss. I smiled and continued to walk away. I fired up my iPod Shuffle and listened. The song "All Out of Love" began playing.

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