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Painful yet Beautiful

Painful... Yes.Have you ever played a guitar? Well, I have and mind you it's a pretty painful experience. I watched several guitar players and I pretty much envy them. Guitar's music is calming and beautiful. Well, it really depends on what you're playing. Two weeks ago, I bought a guitar. It was no ordinary normal guitar. It was a wee bit smaller than those you see, but the sound was great. Anyway, I like it since I could easily hold it and it is very much lighter than the normal guitar. The person who sold me the guitar boasted that it is an imported one. The price was PhP1,200.00. Not bad really.

Excited, I went straight back to the dorm. I opened up a "song hits" and began analyzing the chord sheet. Unable to decipher the meaning of it, I turned to the internet. And so I've encountered dozens of websites which offers guitar tutorials. I picked a free one since I'm a cheapskate.

So there I was, staring in front of the monitor, waiting for the video to download. After downloading, I listened and watched intently at first. After a while, I began following the instructions. OUCH! It hurts. The strings hurt. After pressing them against the frets, they began making marks on my fingers. To make matters worse, when I strum, no good sound ever came out. So... the only remedy to that is that I need to press harder. I had to psyche myself to ignore the pain.

Several trials later, I have finally managed to have a good output.

Two weeks later... Here I am. A bit able to produce several chords. I'm trying to succesfully finish a song. So wish me luck.

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