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Craig Ferguson's Monologue about Britney Spears causes a Media Buzz

Every night, Craig Ferguson, host of The Late Late Show, has a monologue about what's happening in the world recently. One can observe that he is a wide reader. Every monologue he does makes me chuckle or even laugh. Last February 23, 2007, he made an interesting monologue about Britney Spears' condition.

This will take 12 minutes of your time but trust me, it's worth it:

This monologue causes a Media buzz regarding his decision on not to make fun of Britney Spears. And now I wonder, why? Is it necessary for a comedian to bash any people with that? Clearly, the Britney Spears news will surely be picked up by comedians but when one simply refuse to make fun of her it will cause a lot of fuss? What's wrong with the people now?

Now everyone is taking this monologue wrong. LA times has recently made an editorial that Craig Ferguson is clearly making a name for himself. Erm, that's a bit different. I believe that the media are the only ones sensationalizing this statement. There was nothing special about that episode, it was not aired earlier nor got a live via satellite thing. It's just a simple episode, ran just like any other episode he does everyday.

I loved him (not in a sexual way you perv) ever since I saw his monologues in YouTube. They were smart, simple, and on-the-spot. You can clearly notice that it's not scripted simply because he becomes off topic every once in a while. In a sense, he's an opinionated person.

I salute you on this decision Mr. Ferguson

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VoN said...

it really is worth ur time...i for one can really relate to this topic (not that i'm an alcoholic) but the problems i'm experiencing are similar...(i'm into the -thinking- problem..paranoid/bipolar disorder)

i don't know why it has some negative responses from people but u really couldn't please everybody..

I hope Britney and in denial-alcoholics do get is embarrassing to admit ur an alcoholic BUT it is MORE embarrassing to NOT GET HELP...FIGHT UR DEMONS!!!!

thank u for sharing makes people know that they are not alone with this..