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Finally, I finished all my articles set for the April issue. And yes, these are highly confidential as of this moment. However, you will know some clues about it by zooming on the image on the left, that is if you can read my writing. You see, I am indeed a writer but typing is my forte. Make me write on a piece of paper and you will find yourself wondering if my writing is written in Egyptian hieroglyphics. I have a bad penmanship and it has a striking similarity to that of Doctors.

Anyway, enough about my writing, this post is all about the freedom that I have acquired by just finishing this one article. I think it's a bit special to me since this article really made my nose bled, so to speak.

Have you ever read Korean English? It's popularly known as Engrish which is the most destructive form of English. Ok I am being exaggerated, but seriously, read about Engrish.

Anyway, ta-ta. I still have a life to live. Hehe.

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