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Gheyffers Volume 1 Chapter 1

Gheyffers is the comedy I made while I was bored. Chapters will be posted every week. By the way, the FlyFF forums is already on Chapter 7. If you’re a FlyFF forumer, check it out at

Chapter I: Getting to know each other, CHAROT!

By The Doctor

Nalaglag mula sa kalangitan. Merong 4 na “dalagita” (ghey) na nahulog.

Flipper 1: So ganda naman here. Look oh.

Flipper 2: What’s that ba? It’s so fenk and tall. I want to touch it na. Now na.

Flipper 3: Hoy loka. Wag mo touch yan. Mamaya me kuryente chorva yan. Cge ka you make kirig kirig to death.

Flipper 2: HALLER! There’s no sign naman ah. You’re so nerbyosa talaga promise.

Flipper 3: Let’s ask na lang the mama there oh.

Flipper 1: Have you seen him ba? He’s so laseng. Look oh, he make tungga the bottle.

Flipper 4: Hmm… Tungga.

Flipper 2: Gag@h! You’re mind ha. It’s so berde.

Flipper 4: Whateverness.

Flipper 1: Teka wait ha. What’s this place ba?

Pang: Welcome to the world of FlyFF!

Flipper 3: Ay bongga may penguin aketch!

Flipper 2: Ahay me rin.

Flipper 4: Look sa taas.

Flipper 2: Why is there a name ba in our ulo. It’s so kaka.

Flipper 3: Aw. So inis naman. Why is mine Dennis?

Flipper 1: Bruha, name mo kaya yan. Like mine oh, Jerry.

Dennis: Diba we have our own names na? What’s happening here ba?!? Poldo help me.

Flipper 2: OMG. I make kalimutan na that Poldo name ever since. Pero in fairness I’m shocked. Look mo name nya. Bryan.

Jerry: Oo nga. She’s so quiet kasi. Bryan pa naman is a cute name. My old papa is Bryan.

Bryan: Bruha…

Dennis: Mga shunga! Diba meron pa tayo ask?

Pang: You can ask me.

Jerry: Wow naman this penguin ha. It’s so English.

Dennis: Shut up na nga. You ask the question na. (Pointing to Poldo)

Poldo: Why me ba?

Jerry: Ah basta. Go!

Poldo: Teka wait. Ok… Nasan ba kami?

Pang: As I’ve said, you are in FlyFF. And that is a lodelight. It will help you revive when you die.

Poldo: When we die? As in tsugi? Noooo. Hindi ko gusto itech.

Dennis: Over reacting ang bruha. What will we do here ba?

Pang: You will level up and be mighty and strong.

Jerry: Di ko sya like. I don’t want to be mighty and str—

May dumaan na high level na babaeng mage.

Jerry: Ay gusto ko suot nya, fenk!

Poldo: Me rin!

Bryan: Like ko din…

Pang: [sweat drop]

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