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New Computer = Infinite Wait

I was so excited when my Mom finally said that she will buy me a new computer. Well, she applied for a Credit Card and thankfully enough, it got approved days later. UNFORTUNATELY, acquiring the card itself takes a long process and now I'm currently on my 3rd week waiting for it. It's been hard you know. I don't have a cellphone of my own at the moment and my computer cannot handle some of the games I intend to play with for my articles. What's worse is the thought of a new computer diminishing rapidly. I don't really mind having a rundown second hand cellphone. What ticks me off is the part where my sideline job is currently jeopardized because I could not acquire a damn new computer.

I am running out of patience. I want to explode!

Patience is virtue. In time I will have that computer. But, how long do I need to wait?

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