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The Quest for Meaning

Love… What is love? As people still contemplating on the said issue. It seems infinite and undying. The question that people ask themselves when they don’t know what to feel anymore. Is this love? Is this what you call love? Emotionally, the answer is difficult. There are times when persons become involved with one another and sooner or later the “spark” is gone. They become hating each other and eventually will result to parting of ways. But there are lucky individuals which really show love as it is. Till death do us part. It seems, humans have no definite description of love. Thousands of years of existence, we have multiplied and spread throughout this world, yet the only simple question, no one can answer.

We may ask ourselves right now. What is the definition of love? I can assure you, you will never have a definite words to describe. All the more, there is something missing on what you say. Infinite.

I’ve tried watching movies to help me find the true meaning of it’s existence, but to no avail it only broadened the whole concept. It made it more complex. Observing two people in-love might seem a little bit awkward but I did do it. Still no progress. It seems that I am a scientist looking for something on which the answer is right there in front of me but yet I could not make of it.

Since observing was not enough, I tried experiencing it. But it made me forget what I was doing. My objective became unclear and I could not “observe” properly. I made myself a gunea pig but to no avail I could not find the answer.

Have you loved someone before? What have you felt? Can you understand the feeling that you have felt? No physical words can describe it what it actually is. It’s all in there, one big meaning which we can only understand with so many words to describe it yet impossible to say the actual meaning. Then it hit me, what if humanity is not ready to find out about it. What if our intellectual level cannot handle nor describe the true meaning of this thing called love?

Hey, I found love… but not it’s meaning.

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