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Speed UP your DSL Internet

Use OpenDNSI am a Smart BRO user and a very discouraged one... last year ago. Currently I am happy with my connection because I think it got a bit faster than before, ever since Smart 3G came. I don't know whether or not they are related but feel free to correct me.

Today, I want to share with you a simple tip to speed up your internet. Go to OpenDNS and follow the instructions there. If you have any questions on how it works and stuff just click here.

I can testify that this works. Before, I can't view streaming videos on YouTube without pausing the video and letting it load. Now, after the page loads, the videos are streaming continuously without me pausing the video and letting it load. Just try it now. There's no harm in it. I promise.


Allison said...

Thanks for the mention! :-)


The Doctor said...

It's the least I can do. :)