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Sunday Madness

Well, it's another Sunday and it's time for general cleaning. The molds need harvesting and spider webs needs to be rolled up for future Halloween use. The empty water bottles needs to be sent away for added revenue. You'll be surprised how many things we packed up.

After several dust bunnies later, my face began to react again. I don't know where I'm just allergic to dust or to cleaning. My nose acted up again by filling it with mucus and my eyes began burning up again. This was all rememdied by a 10 minute bath (exaggerated, of course) and a spiffy fresh-from-the-closet clothes. I hate dust. I hate grime. I hate cleaning. But since we are near a busy road, I have to do it.

You might be wondering why I did not mention church. Well, I'm not really a church goer. But I'm not exactly a demon. I am a believer as well. I believe there's a God but I really don't believe in religion at all. Okay. I'll stop. Some religious fanatics might explode their butts and type pretty nasty remarks on this post.

Anyway, after taking a bath. We went to the mall. I bought a cool new bag and some school supplies. Because, I am now a diligent and studious "student." And now... I am broke. Haha. I can't believe that these things cost too much.

By the way, a small tip. Never. Ever. Buy from SM if you're on a tight budget. They sell stuffs waaay too costly. I will never ever return on that godforsaken place. I did not even get a SM Advantage card because it costs too much...

*drops the SM Advantage Card*

Oh Shit!


Bagz said...

y not a Church-goer my friend? does that include ur family as well? i believe ur a born n bred Catholic..
yeah cleaning CAN be a hassle most of the time.. you have to remind urself to do it.. d more u clean, d more u realize HOW futile it seems..

The Doctor said...

I wonder why you have concluded that I am a Catholic. Apparently, I am not. :)

I dare not discuss this more because it would only turn into a never ending debate.

Cleaning is awful, but oh well. We do not want rats in the room like what happened to one room. Hahaa