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Caffeine and Me

Hi. I'm Arjay.

("Hi Arjay" echoes in the background)

I am not a drinker or smoker.

(People claps hand)

But I will share to you something that's not that worse but definitely has side effects. No, it's not drugs or any illegal stimulants.


It's about caffeine...

I am a heavy drinker of C2 Green Tea. Recently, I am having several headaches, drowsiness, and insomia is not due to my body clock but due to caffeine found in these C2 drinks. It has been concluded that each glass of C2 contains roughly about 20 mg of caffeine which is 20% to the amount of caffeine found in Instant Coffee.

Since C2 has been released, I've been drinking it everyday until at one point I am increasing the dosages due to the mere fact that it makes me feel great. It keeps me up all night, perfect for all-nighter on doing projects or simply just browsing the web and fiddling my computer. As you may all know, I posted something about soy and it's effects. I did research google and found out nothing about the effects of c2. But it turns out it does as the a person posted a comment right under that article. I clicked that linked and it opened up new doors for me.

To make the story short. The drowsiness, headaches, and insomia are not due to my body clock adjusting every now and then but due to my caffeine addiction. Everytime I don't have my daily caffeine intake, my body reacts to it. It's called caffeine withrawal. And now, I am suffering from it. Basing from the articles I have found. It seems that it has no significant effects like death with the current dosage I am taking. Anyway, I have to go now and drink C2.

Screw you people, I need caffeine.

By the way, recent reactions shows that completely stopping caffeine with make your body sensitive to it. Hell, I don't want that.

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Rust said...

Oh my god! I drink at least 3 bottles of c2 lemon every day! I need the Doctor's prescription. :D