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The Feb 28 Experience

Last February 28, 2007 I received an e-mail from Brandboss Philippines informing me that I was one of the Participants for the upcoming Mobile Film Maker's Workshop in Manila. From there, I will be able to claim my brand new Nokia N93i that will be used to make the concept I made into reality.

I was shocked. I couldn't move.

Finally regaining my senses 30 seconds later, I immediately called my mom.

(Translated in English)

Mom: Hello?
Mom: (shocked) REALLY? What model?
Me: N93i!
Mom: What's that?
Me: It's a phone with a video camera. It's my dream phone!
Mom: Oh! So when will you receive it?
Me: I have to go to Manila to attend the workshop.
Mom: When?
Me: Saturday.
Mom: Ok. I'll get those tickets right away. You're so good, you won another gadget. What did you do?
Me: I passed a concept.
... Long story ....

And the rest is history. I recently bought a Nokia 5300 because the 3120 was already broken (No signal, unrepairable). The 5300 will now be owned by my Mom which she rightfully deserves since her phone is already worn out as well. She really liked the 5300.

But... there was a problem. The Workshop is in March 3 already so it means ticket prices are a bit high and most probably taken. Thank God, they're not.

And on that day and remaining days towards March 3, I can't sleep. Too excited to sleep.

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