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The Mobile Filmmaker's Workshop Experience

After several days of lack of sleep, that day finally arrived. March 3.

I was informed that the Workshop will start on 9am. At 7.30am, I got up, took a bath, and wore my clothes. I wanted everything to go perfect. My Aunt and Uncle came to pick me up at my other Uncle's house. We arrived at the venue 30 minutes earlier.


I think I was the earliest. It clearly shows how excited I am. I was the first one to sign the participant's form but the person assigned for the front desk was not there yet so the kit and the cellphone was not yet given.

I'll tell you about this uncle of mine. He's the one snooping around and talking to the venue coordinators and purposely begging for a T-shirt. Hell, I am heavily embarrassed but still he's quite funny when he's doing it. I think he likes seeing me put my hand on my forehead and shaking my head acting embarrassed. I always say, (in English) "I don't know this guy," with an embarrassed smile.

Anyway, the event started. I entered the room and saw that the venue was small. I was imagining that Teatrino would be somewhat like a giant theater with a stage. The room was really really cold. The Cellphone and the Goodie bag was given as well. The first thing we did was play with our phone. It was fully charged and ready for action.

And so the speakers went on and they were highly informative. I finally formed several scenes for my video in my mind. Unfortunately, I don't know which concept won so I hafta wait.

In the end, we were all required to make a 1 minute video using the pre-programmed music. I used the built in Video editor which was really really HARD! Pardon the shaking camera, the shock (what I felt when I recieved that invitation) is still resonating in me.

My video

Now it's time to put the concept into reality. Wish me luck!

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