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Music Video: 80% Complete

Yes, after a long time of procrastination, the video is now 80% complete. It’s currently in the final touches stage. As you can see from the previous “Edit 1,” the editing was good but the colors don’t really match. It looks like a home video, musically arranged. For me, it does not really look like a Music Video at all. Also, there were several comments that it looks like porn or something. So I did some editing to avoid that thought... There were several changes on the colors as well and some additional minor effects that will make it more fun to look at. For me, I am a bit excited as this newly edited video looks so much better but it still lacks some small details.

I can assure you that this Pre-final version looks so much better than edit 1. Remember that all will be revealed on March 24 at nighttime, as all the videos are passed. I am terribly sorry I cannot upload the Pre-final version. This is a bit of a tight competition since I am competing against experienced directors and good editors. Call me paranoid, but it’s better safe than sorry.

Some of you might think why this is a big deal for me. Well, it’s my first formal video competition. I want to make it good. Win or lose. At least I tried my very best.

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