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My Friend, a cellphone, and the CR

I always told my friend never to bring her cellphone to the CR. I always told her that sooner or later she will regret it. Oh well, so much for that. She always shuns me and never listens. Perhaps you know what happens next. I'm telling you, it's not what you think. Well, it might.

She brought her cell phone to the CR once. It fell on a pail of water but it survived because it was enclosed in a cellophane. Cool invention, this cellophane. Every time I saw her making her monthly groceries, she never fails to buy a clear cellophane. Being a text addict, not a soap sud in her eyes will stop her.

That's why I like texting her. It feels like I am chatting on Y!M. Constantly replying almost instantly. She may very well defeat the fastest texter in the world.

But on one faithful day. I texted her. She didn't reply.

Maybe it was the network again. Not sending texts properly.

But no.

I tried calling her but to no avail, nobody answered.

I was worried.

Speculations on my mind began. What if her cellphone was stolen? What if, it really became wet? But I quickly dismissed that theory since it's still ringing.

Several rings later, I finally concluded something was dreadfully wrong and I need to go to her dorm at once.

As I arrived in her room, nobody was there. As I was about to leave, someone called from behind me. It was her. All in tears.

"Please help." She uttered two words filled with emotion.

I smiled and asked what's the problem. She wanted me to come closer. She pulled me towards their CR. Turned her head back and pointed at the Toilet.




My mind shouted. It was definitely the unthinkable. The cellphone, enclosed in a cellophane. Resting comfortably on the very thing that our bodies excreted.

I don't know what to feel. But inside I was laughing.

Remember kids. Cellphones and CR don't mix, even though they start in the same letter.

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