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MyX Daily Top Ten - Mar 21

Hello! Hello! Hello! This is your BJ (Blog Jock) Arjay and I am posting the Myx daily top ten videos as promised. There are some wide changes here in the countdown but still the top 3 videos was not re arranged since last Thursday as shown below. With you by MYMP and Sa Ilalim was kicked out at the countdown. Two new entries from The Wuds with Innosente Lang ang Nagtataka and from Imago with Sundo.

10 – Don't Say Goodbye / Rachelle Ann Go
9 – Love Team /Itchyworms
8 – Tatsulok / Bamboo
7 - Sundo / Sundo
6 – Girlfriend / Avril Lavinge
5 - Innosente Lang Ang Nagtataka / The Wuds
4 – Sunburn /Sandwich
3 – Famous Last Words / My Chemical Romance
2 – Magbalik / Callalily
1 – Tuliro / Spongecola

So, see ya next tuesday on the MyX Daily Countdown post!

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