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MyX Daily Top Ten - Mar 27

HEYA! It's me again with the MyX Daily Countdown and guess what, there are many surprising developments this week. Famous Last Words by My Chemical Romance was booted out of the countdown! I know, shocking! But do not fret MCR fans. Their new single, I Don't Love you has entered the countdown. As for the others, there was a bit of a small movement and still Don't Say Goodbye is holding its position on number 10.

Number 1 and 2 spots have not yet changed since the last countdown post.

10 – Don't Say Goodbye / Rachelle Ann Go
9 – Love Team /Itchyworms
8 – I Don't Love You / My Chemical Romance
7 – Tatsulok / Bamboo
6 – Girlfriend / Avril Lavinge
5 - Sundo / Imago
4 - Innosente Lang Ang Nagtataka / The Wuds
3 – Sunburn /Sandwich
2 – Tuliro / Spongecola
1 – Magbalik / Callalily

Visit again tomorrow for the Wednesday MyX Daily Countdown!

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