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MyX Daily Top Ten - Mar 9

Hello hello hello! It's Myx Daily Top Ten again! As you can see. Not much has changed since the previous countdown last March 6. Sa Ilalim is now booted out and Tatsulok reclaimed the top 10 spot. And the rest was just re arrange. Hmmm. What do you think will happen 4 days from now?

Here is the Countdown in descending order:

10 – Tatsulok / Bamboo
9– Prinsesa / 6 Cycle Mind
8 – Trying to Get the Feeling Again / Christian Bautista
7 – Say You'll Never Go / Erik Santos
6 – Don't Say Goodbye / Rachelle Ann Go
5 – Famous Last Words / My Chemical Romance
4 – Tuliro / Spongecola
3 – Magbalik / Callalily
2 – With You / M.Y.M.P.
1 – Love Team /Itchyworms

The Myx Daily countdown is brought to you by Myx Mobile. Everything written on the countdown is just copied from the Mobile query. Starting Next week, the Myx Daily Countdown will only be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The Myx Weekly Hitchart will be shown every Wednesday or Thursday.

Until next time.

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