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Rants of a Writer: Deadlines, Girlfriends, and Writer’s Block

Warning: This will be quite a long read since I really have to get this out of my chest before I continue my writing sessions. Click the link below to continue on to the main article.

Deadline is a dreadful word that haunts you every time you look at a calendar and figured out that you have 7-8 pages of Articles due tomorrow. It will be a miracle if I am able to pull this off, but who knows? I might be inspired to write articles later in the afternoon and complete these articles in one seating, God willing.

For now, I am officially dead.

You see, writing on Game! Magazine is really a dream come true for me since I get to play and write at the same time. I don’t have to worry about contracts and stuff because my job there is a contributing writer. Lately, I’ve been slacking off which is pretty bad for my writing career.

The Nokia contest is to blame.

But oh well, the writing assignments are already there and besides it’s my fault why it is there in the first place. I was too eager in writing articles that I forgot that I have several priorities that I need to consider. And no, I don’t have a girlfriend. It mortifies me to think that how much more pain and suffering will I be able to endure if I had a girlfriend?

Yes, I know it’s an enlightening feeling to have someone to share your life with. I’ve been that road already. But you have to admit, having that enlightening feeling has an equal pain and suffering especially when you have a girl that has mood swings and will argue with you for no apparent reason! But really, I am over that. Although it was a sad experience when my ex-girlfriend and I broke up, life has to go on.

Thank God for writing.

And What about Writer’s Block?! This sure is a wrong timing! Not this time! Argh. I can’t just type out some techy stuff on a Game! Magazine or else I will be burned by the feedbacks. I need to be hip, cool, and geeky in some weird way. You see folks, writing on a gaming magazine is very very much different on writing on newspapers. They have to be understandable yet fun to read. I admit that I could become techy sometimes but you really have to admit, some of my articles are fun (tooting my own horn, I know).

Anyway, this is all for now. Until next rant. Rawr.

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