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Soy Makes Children Gay?!?

Drowning myself with C2 Iced Tea Peach flavor, I began doing my late night forum rounds. In this particular thread, I saw something very odd. The link was named, Soy Makes You Gay. A fan of Soy Sauce or toyo, this wasn't a good news for me. I immediately clicked the link. I read the column for quite a while and understood the whole column.

Well, it does not really change your sexual orientation but a young baby boy body does not develop well. Apparently, Soy contains estrogen, the female hormone. You see, us males, have this male hormone that keeps us from becoming a "soft."

Anyway, I won't bore you with stuff. But with the current discoveries today, the next thing you eat might cause you cancer. Hoo boy.

I won't be a paranoid. Don't worry. It's relaxing to know that Soy sauce does not really contain estrogen since it's fermented or somesort.

*Drinks some more C2*



C2 is safe.

Link to the article


ella said...

hey. got here from davaosale forum. i just read your blog entries, and i must say you're a good writer. it's so hard to find good bloggers in davao. may i ask your school and course? curious lang. :)

The Doctor said...

Hey ella. I am an IT student from AMA Computer College. Thank you for the compliment. Although, my English is really not polished. I still make a few grammatical mistakes. ^_^ Are you a writer/blogger as well?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.. so if affects young baby boys.. does that affect a boy like me? 13 years old? O_O

ella said...

the_doctor> yup, i'm a blogger. been blogging since 2003. :) and whether i'm a writer, well, i was a freelance writer a few months ago, but not anymore. i'm a creative writing graduate from UP though, so maybe someday i'll go back to a writing job. :) it's such a pity that you're not in a writing course. maybe you can take full-time writing jobs after you graduate? but an IT course is good too.

The Doctor said...

I consider writing as my hobby. I'm not that well polished in taking on writing in a more professional level. I'm currently doing some articles for Game! Magazine since May last year.

Anyway, good luck on your writing endeavors. We could share some blog links if that will be ok. Please post here your link or e-mail it to me via crouch.jr [at]

Ayano said...

Hey, Doc. Sacha here.

You might want to read this:

Sorry, I seem to be giving you negative stuffs about your diet. Hahahaha.

Ayano said...

Dr. Emer's review on C2

Ergh. Link got cut above. Lol.

The Doctor said...


*cries in the corner*

Anonymous said...

Answer my question X_X