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"Unexpected" Release

Yeah, it's a pretty much early release I know. I should wait for March 24 for the other participants, right? Well, I've thought about it and why would I keep it a secret longer? It's not like I'm gonna win anyway. There were 25 of us and roughly 10 of them are experienced directors.

Anyway, I am really really really proud of this video since it's my first time and according to my friends it's really not bad for a first time. Besides, the moment I sent my entry via e-mail this Nokia N93i is really mine. The phone itself was a big accomplishment already.

By the way, if you have some comments and tips in making my video better. I will really appreciate it. Know what? I really want to get that music video clarity on my videos and until now, I still don't know how. Maybe you could help me out.

All my actors in this video is last minute. And I would to extend my heartfelt thanks to Oscar for giving his time and putting up with me with re-takes. To Shine, my best friend, thank you very much for the accomodation in your place.

All the scenes were shot in the beautiful city of Davao.

Note: There are no sponsors in this video except for my Mom. LoL.



Anonymous said...

galing mo naman arjay.. paturo..

Anonymous said...

that was pretty good n_n for a first time director ill rate that 5 outta 5! XD

The Doctor said...

Thanks ^_^