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A Day I Want to Forget

I promised myself that I won’t get all emo on this blog but I just couldn’t help it. As some of you may know, I might be going to Pampanga this April 21 and stay there until May 6. That would mean that I will be away from my beloved internet for about 2 weeks. I might or might not survive it but I will definitely try.

But there was a light of hope. I started suggesting to my Mom that I sincerely need a laptop for all my typing things. She agreed. That was definitely the happiest day of the month. Finally,. After many years of postponement. I could replace my rundown PC. Until one day…

She texted me and said she could not buy me the laptop this summer but I would have it by my birthday. In-case you do not know. My birthday is at July. This was a major letdown. I am seriously rethinking going to a vacation to Luzon because I really feel uncomfortable when I don’t have any internet.

Yes, this is me being selfish. Anyway, I still understand what my mom is going through. I don’t like to be like that bastard who leeches money from my mom. Anyway that bastard would be another story. I will be willing to share it as soon as this ruckus will be over.

Maybe that is why I am losing my inspiration to write. Hooo~ boy I have to shake this feeling off soon, otherwise my editor will surely kill me.

Have a blessed holy week everyone.



Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, you were lucky.. I never had courage to ask my mom for a laptap >_<

Anonymous said...

be sure to buy an APPLE notebook

@ronron: its laptop

The Doctor said...

Apple is good at movie editing and stuff but I need a gaming rig. The problem with macs is that I can't run the current online games in the market today.

Anonymous said...

ewww your an online gamer?

oki switch to vista BUT your illegal mp3's won't play there (windows media player) be sure to have an itunes!

The Doctor said...

Yes I am an online gamer and forever will be. Being an online gamer got me my online column for Game! Magazine, so I'm not ashamed to admit it.

I love online games.

Vista is fine but I still love my XP Professional. Yes, this is the legal one.

Online games or not. Macs suck at gaming. Period. Hehehe.

Anonymous said...

hope makuha mo agad yung laptop mo doc. okay naman siya. good for gaming.

tama ka rin. macs are super pangit sa gaming. hahaha.