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Easterrific Day~

Happy Easter everyone! To all those who does not know the real meaning of Easter, it's the resurrection of Jesus Christ after 3 days of death from the cross. Some may hate me for this but I'll still say it. I am a firm believer that there is a God up there who watches over us.

Debate all you want about His existence. You won't change my views.

To the 4, 334 people who has visited this blog. I thank you. I was not exactly expecting such number of people.

Anyway, I want to share this original composition by one Filipina who lives in the US. I know some of you knows her from YouTube. Her name is Christine a.k.a. HappySlip. It's about her faith. :)

"Your Love" by Christine (HappySlip)


Anonymous said...

Randy: nice! doug! but a little bit of pronunciation problems ang a it was kinda a little pitchy but you nailed it at the chorus

Paula: Your a pretty girl! Keep on doing that!

Simon: Too much of closing of the eye but an ok performance

Anonymous said...

Doc, i didn't know you were a Christian. this makes me like you even more! more power to you doc!

Anonymous said...

this is getting boring no new post!

Anonymous said...

omg. di ko alam na pinay talaga sya.

Anonymous said...

i like the song, salamat sa pag share.