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Fantastic Weekend. Yucky day.

Actually that is the opposite of what really really really happened. I had a very sucky weekend because of this sucky beach resort. Whenever you are in Davao, please by all means, avoid Jones beach resort. Its possibly the worst beach resort ever. No wonder Mergrande is always fully booked and this beach is surprisingly vacant. Here's the deal, when you rent a cottage. You will only have 2 passes. The cottage we rented were for four, so basically I was the one who can't get in the pool because of two of my dear sweet brothers are in it. Surprisingly, the next day, I tried to get in the pool but the person guarding the gate said that the two free passes was already used for that day.


Now I'm in a terrible mood and just took a bath in a terribly small bathroom.

Anyway, about April 2. Man, it was a great day. It was the day I set out to buy a 2.1 speaker for my PC, a Playstation controller adapter, and a Dance pad.

Don't be shocked.

It's been my hobby to do dance dance revo every once in a while. Despite of this big, bulging, and incredibly big body of mine. You'll be surprised how flexible I am on the dance mat.

I want to show you a video about me using the Dance pad, but you won't really enjoy it since the ground shakes a lot.




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