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Game! Magazine April Issue is out!

GAME! Magazine’s April 2007 issue is hotter than ever with Perfect World heating up the cover! Walk the talk with GAME!’s exclusive interview with Level Up!’s CEO Jane Walker, and get the scoop on Perfect World and the gaming industry.

Get a taste of the international hardcore gaming experience with Lineage II. Unleash your suave side as you learn the tricky world of trade in Silkroad Online . Meet your new bestfriends at RAN Online’s Pet System. Get the hottest tips and tricks from GAME!’s walkthroughs of Granado Espada, RF Online Episode 2 Giga 1 and Flyff V7. And let your avatar reign supreme only with items from Supreme Destiny.

GAME! is bringing back reviews for your favorite PC and console games! Get the lowdown on Lost Planet: Extreme Condition, Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin, Elite Beat Agents, Hotel Dusk: Room 215, Supreme Commander, Jade Empire and Galactic Civilizations 2: Dark Avatar.

Be the next winner of GAME!’s raffle! This month, GAME!’s giving away not one, but TWO Nintendo DS Lites! Just fill out the raffle form found on page 48 and fax or mail away! And as a Bonus: Another DS Lite will be raffled off via our website at

Perfect your gaming skills, and be one of the coolest gamers around! Grab a copy of GAME! Magazine from your favorite newsstands and magazine stores for only PhP 80!

Taken from Game! Magazine website. Yes, I have some articles here. ^_^



Anonymous said...

i like FREE online games

silkroad is good and free

level up sucks the money of the filipino youth.....

GM Tristan said...

But if you buy silk, then it's not free anymore.

Anyways, each have their own preferences. We at Level Up don't "suck money". Gaming is a choice and like other forms of entertainment, paying is of your own free will and volition.


PS. Thanks, GAME, for the cover and the nice articles! More power! And more power also to The Doctor.


The Doctor said...

As a response from the anonymous commenter, all online games are a business. It's natural that they find ways of gaining money. Not only Level up! Games host games for money but ALL Game publishers are. No game publisher is a charitable institution.

Further, any games or game publishers won't "suck up" the money of the youth if the youth won't let them. In other words, they chose to pay for the price of enjoying these games.

It's not really any publishers fault.

mika said...

hey! i recently bought a game mag. luv n luv q kasi flyff. ang ganda ng articles sobra. luv the design pa. lalo na article mo sa v7 super useful talaga!