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How and Why Julia Campbell Died?

They hated Gonzales for saying the blatant truth about her death. It was indeed her fault. Gonzales just said the blatant truth about it. Suddenly the whole country was against him. These people did not examine the scenario properly.

You are already 2 years here in the Philippines and yet you still don’t know that evil lurks in all corners of this entire nation. Well, come to think of it, not the entire nation but the entire world is unsafe on the dark especially when you are alone and you seem to look like a rich fellow. That is why some tourists go here in the Philippines, to get away from the harsh realities of their world and feel very special when they visit third world countries. However, I am not saying that it was Julia’s intention to be revered upon. For me, she seems like a good soul but not quite a careful one.

However, what Gonzales said was definitely true. Nothing would’ve happened to her if she was not alone. However, we must also consider the feelings of others since it was not a well constructed statement and sounded egoistical in some manner.

Like I said, what he said was true but the delivery of the truth was bad. I mean, really bad.

She was a great gal and she will be missed.

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