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Losing my Ideas

It has been a while since I wrote another article. It appears that I’m really in the phase whereas I’m running out of ideas on what to write about. I know that this world is a very interesting place and there are many interesting news that is displayed on the Google pages everyday, but what am I doing?!

Anyway, this is only a short update of what is happening to me right now. I’m probably losing my creativity as time passes by. Maybe it’s because of all those donuts I ate a week ago. Or probably… nah nevermind.

Watch out for my articles next week on the Game! Magazine Website

Let that small mystery play in your mind for now.

Anyways, tata for now.



Anonymous said...

why not put a blog schedule
for example
monday : odd news
teusday : pic of the day
wed: game cheats/trivia of the day
thurs: movie/t.v. show of the day
fri: music/album review/music video for the day
sat: etc. articles
sun: rest day

The Doctor said...

The only thing scheduled is the MyX countdown. And that is every tuesday - thursday. Other than that, nothing is scheduled since my posts actually depend on mood.

Anyway, everything is categorized for everyone's convenience.

Thanks for visiting.