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MyX Daily Top Ten - Apr 5

Hello and welcome to the last MyX Daily countdown for this week. Nothing has changed much since the the top 10 to 6 were only reshuffled.

10 - Innosente Lang Ang Nagtataka / The Wuds
9 – Tatsulok / Bamboo
8 – Sunburn /Sandwich
7 – Bakit /-Unknown for now-
6 - Shooting Star / Hale
5 - Sundo / Imago
4 – Girlfriend / Avril Lavinge
3 – I Don't Love You / My Chemical Romance
2 – Tuliro / Spongecola
1 – Magbalik / Callalily

This is the last of this Week's MyX Daily top ten. Visit again next week Tuesday to see how these songs fare.


Anonymous said...

they are not fair in their countdowns
kapamilya stars like
+sarah geronimo
+rachelle ann go
+christian bautista
etc. etc.
always gets on the top spot effortless... bayas and luto

The Doctor said...

It's all about the text votes actually. :)

Anonymous said...

hindi no... bayas lang talaga sila sa mga kapamilya stars
it so coincidence naman na lahat ng videos ni sarah eh nag number 1 kahit yung hindi niya sikat na kanta nag number 1 kahit 1 day
may nag vovote ba talga sa myx for me i won't waste my load on that

Rico said...

ang weirdo nito. anu naman relation ng pinagdadada mo dyan sa countdown. the fact na meron pinopost be thankful na lang. kung ayaw mo eh di wag ka manood ng myx. sus.

The Doctor, salamat sa countdown kahit nasa ibang lugar kami alam pa rin namin yung mga song na pinoy. more power to you!

The Doctor said...

Now now peeps. Don't fight. Fair or not. This is what the countdown shows.

You might be surprised how many people are actually voting. There is a MCR community constantly voting. Even Spongecola fans are voting, that is why it's always on top. :P

Anonymous said...

@loco i mean rico:
what's the relation?
its the credibility of the countdown!?! CUNT!?!? and i'm just posting my honest opinions!?! whore!?!

@the doctor i really like your patience i'm just testing you if your a jerk in fact I think your a cool guy

The Doctor said...

Thank you for the compliment. However, I do suggest that you keep the harsh comments to the minimum since pretty much there are many MyX fans who view this countdown and I don't think some are patient enough to endure such comments. :)

Anonymous said...

salamaaaaaat sa countdown doc! hayaan mo na yung walang mgawa dyan. the best ka pa rin sa amin dito sa Illionois! salamat sa countdown.

bby-koolit! said...

wow.. here i am agen.. haha! juz wanna say yhanks to "the doctor" agen.. for postin these results.. thought wer not in pinas in dis time.. wer still updated! galing.. thanks!

MabeL said...

i agree with that Rico fella...juz shut up and be thankful that he posts this daily top ten thingo..

Anonymous said...

@mabel: this daily top ten thingo?