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*Squirms in excitement*

Oh yes, my favorite TV Character is back. It’s been a while since the last airing of Doctor Who and now it’s back for another 13 episodes. I’m very much excited since The Doctor will finally have another partner. The zexy “Martha Jones.” I’m currently downloading the first episode for Season 3 now.

*squirms in excitement*

OH! By the way, Linkin Park is back as well. With their new single “What I’ve done.” I’m sooo excited to buy the Minutes to Midnight CD.

*squirms in excitement*

And another thing! My Luzon tour is coming out (ROFL). I’ll be visiting my grandma in Pampanga and hang out for a while in Manila. So if you want to see me, just give me a buzz.

Hehe. I know I’m not popular. Just pretending… and hoping. Hahaha.

Oh right, I forgot…

*squirms in excitement*

Don’t forget to visit me later for the Tuesday Edition of the MyX Daily Top Ten.

*squirms in excitement?*


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VoN said...

giddy aren't we..?

i'm lucky i visited a page from a fellow coming from Mindanao as well...I think i'll make an account here too

thanks for inspiring..?