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As I was relishing the last moments of my Television (since tomorrow I’ll be back on my dormitory), I came across an advertisement with regards to business and the internet. They are advertizing/introducing the internet as a way of increasing profits since customers can purchase online OR they can spot thieves in their respective shops. Unfortunately, they missed some details that the computer can be hacked or their computer be destroyed by a certain cracker who has nothing special to do…

Basing from my Godfather’s computer this was the case. His unlicensed Windows XP Pro Service pack 1 has been plagued with spywares and malwares since there was no proper protection. He was thinking that if you are connected to the internet, you just surf around and have fun. NO, that is not the case, connecting your computer to the internet without any protection whatsoever is like swimming on shark-infested waters or even going to war NAKED. It’s a battlefield out there, and there are no civilians. Everyone is a soldier.

Before connecting to the internet, make sure you have the following:
1. A Firewall
2. A Good anti-virus
3. A Good anti-spyware
4. An Updated operating system

I really suggest that you continuously update your Operating System for security fixes, otherwise prepare to reformat always.

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