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MyX Daily Countdown - May 10

Hullo MyX Fans, it's me again for the MyX Daily Countdown. Well, there is a slight significant change this week as Sunburn says good bye to the chart and here we welcome once again What I've Done by Linkin Park.

Speaking of Linkin Park, they will launching their album, Minutes to Midnight, this May 15, and I'm pretty much excited to hear what the new genre is all about. By the way, some said that the genre is pretty much sucky compared to the other albums. Oh well, we'll see.

10 - Sundo / Imago
9 – Sunburn /Sandwich
8 – Bakit /Cueshe
7 – Girlfriend / Avril Lavinge
6 – I Don't Love You / My Chemical Romance
5 – Magbalik / Callalily
4 – Tuliro / Spongecola
3 – Ikaw Lamang /Silent Sanctuary
2 - Upside Down / 6Cyclemind
1 - Shooting Star / Hale

Booted Out of the Countdown*:
Sunburn / Sandwhich

What I've Done / Linkin Park

* = Based on the last MyX Daily countdown on Type Life_

See yah next week for the MyX Daily Countdown!

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MabeL said...

LP?..they stayed the same..except different