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MyX Daily Countdown - May 15

The Philippine elections just got finished yesterday. While the people are still canvassing the votes let's see the results of our very own elections on the MyX daily top ten Tuesday edition. Imago was booted out of the countdown and there was a comeback of What I've Done.

Basing from the Daily Top ten Thursday edition last week, we can see that I don't Love you by My Chemical Romance has risen up exponentially to the top spot. Anyway, here's the countdown.

10 - What I've Done / Linkin Park
9 – Bakit /Cueshe
8 – Sunburn /Sandwich
7 – Tuliro / Spongecola
6 – Magbalik / Callalily
5 – Girlfriend / Avril Lavinge
4 – Ikaw Lamang /Silent Sanctuary
3 - Upside Down / 6Cyclemind
2 - Shooting Star / Hale
1 – I Don't Love You / My Chemical Romance

Booted Out of the Countdown*:
Sundo / Imago

What I've Done / Linkin Park

* = Based on the last MyX Daily countdown on Type Life_

See yah tomorrow for the MyX Daily Countdown wednesday edition!

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