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Problem Solved! User account Script error~

I recently got my desktop computer this Saturday. I began to transfer some files from the old computer to my brand new ASUS A8Jn Lappy. Annoyingly, I have to enter the password each time I login to Windows which is highly frustrating. So, I came up with the idea of removing the password. Unfortunately, I cannot use the User Account in the Control panel because of the Internet Script Error kept popping up. Oddly enough there was no details regarding it. I searched Google and found nothing. I even asked my friend to help me with the problem but unfortunately he couldn't help me with it and suggested that I pop in the Sp2 XP installer and install repair it. Unfortunately, that installer is long gone. Since there was no other choice, I tried tinkering with it.

Oddly enough, I fixed it.

I thought I might share my simple solution.

The solution was to reinstall Internet Explorer 7.


gilbert said...

i suggest you try using linux. preferably ubuntu linux and i promise you wont be disappointed.

The Doctor said...

As much as I want to use Linux. I already grew fond of Windows. Besides, I'm an online gamer and most games are compatible with Windows.