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Starcraft 2!

Gamers of my age will surely know what Starcraft is. It has striking similarity to Warcraft’s gameplay and it is also developed my Blizzard Entertainment. Starcraft has also been used in the World cybergames that is held annually and most of the time, Koreans dominate this game. Until now, it is being enjoyed by many people all over the world.

Years have passed and gamers dream of this day will come. Warcraft has underwent 2 sequels already but there is none for Starcraft. There were many rumors years ago that they are developing a Starcraft II which was not confirmed until this month.

May 2007, the website of Starcraft II was updated once more. And now, the excitement is just beginning. The game prmises to have new features and will pick up where Brood Wars has ended. I’m excited to know who will win this time!


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