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Summerrific~ Vacation I: The Pampanga Escapade

It’s been a while that I haven’t posted any stuff about me lately, I think some of the people out there wouldn’t care much if I did but then again it defeats the purpose of getting a blog. Anyway, how’s life been treating me lately? Well, frankly it’s been fun and quite positive.

Last week I was in Luzon with my Mom. We went to Pampanga to have some time with my relatives namely my Godfather, my 2 aunts, my cousins, and of course my grandmother. We also went there to celebrate my Grandfather’s birthday, which unfortunately passed away 2 years ago. It was like a mini-reunion since my uncle from abroad came to visit too. Unfortunately, one of my cousins are the same age nor the same age range, all of them were kids, so they pretty much enjoyed themselves and I’m left alone watching them.

Good thing there was an internet connection out there, otherwise I will be dead bored. Anyway, I still didn’t have some time to hog the computer because my cousins kept insisting that they wanted to play the computer. I wish I had a laptop back then. But oh well the lappy top is another story. Hehe.

Besides the obvious boredom, something quite interesting really happened. It was the moment that me and my brothers became a bit closer. Well, it was really a pleasant feeling to be a “kuya” (elder brother) to them at that time. This is a rare occurrence since I am not living with them as I am studying in Davao. I once thought that there will be no strong connections between us because I was not there all the time. But It appears that I am wrong. We had a fun bonding day together with my cousin who was the son of my godfather and aunt.

When everyone was gone, I was left alone with my aunt who was deaf and mute. I was tasked to assist her in every possible way. Surprisingly, I felt that I was in-control in everything. Nothing bad happened that day and we were really enjoying ourselves since we took a bath in the kiddie pool.

YES I WAS THERE. There, go laugh.

That’s it for the first part of my summer vacation. I’ll post the other parts as soon as I finish these things that I am doing.


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