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Summerrific~ Vacation II: The Lappy Top!

It’s 5 o’clock AM when I woke up, getting all excited to go to Manila. Actually, it’s not the going to Manila part that got me all worked up. It’s the… It’s… the… getting the laptop part! Yes, finally after a 3 long years of begging and pleading, I will finally have a laptop. If you’ll recall last time, I said that I will be getting a laptop on July and it’s pretty much put me down. My hopes went up when we went to Manila because there was a huge possibility that the Credit Card will arrive. But to my dismay it didn’t and my Mom said it was impractical to get a laptop by cash.

Anyway, my world was crushed when she said again that we won’t be able to buy a laptop. But a day before going to Manila, something amazing happened. For some weird and odd reason, she finally said that we are going to buy a laptop in Manila.

Moving forward, the first place we went to was Gilmore Avenue and visit a place called PC Corner. It was the place on where I found my dream laptop on their website. In all excitement, I asked the sales person for my dream laptop but it turns out to be OUT OF STOCK.

Damn. That was cruel.

But there was hope, the sales lady suggested another laptop with quite the same features but there was an upgrade option. I took that upgrade option with the permission of my financer, my mom. She said ok and it was the best day of my life.

The waiting time was hell. I could feel that it was the longest hour of my life on waiting for my laptop to be finally given to me. Anyway, the laptop was finally given to me and I immediately explored it. But not that much because we were going to explore manila more and we’ll meet up with my friend in Greenhills.

Specs of My Laptop:
Pentium Core 2 Duo T550 (2 x 1.66mhz)
1GB 667mhz DDR2
GeForce Go 7300 128mb Dedicated up to 512mb

Anyway, my story for part 2 ends here. Don’t worry, there will be more to come.


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