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Summerrific~ Vacation III: Manila, Malls, and Hotels

So we left PC corner and headed out to Greenhills to meet my friend. Well, let me introduce you to my friend Carix. She’s been one of my companions in my days at UP Los Banos. She is currently the manager of an internet café located near Mendiola. Well, I don’t exactly know where I’ve only been there once. Anyway, we’ve have not seen each other for a long time so I took the initiative to invite her on our journeys.

Before I continue, the following events are not planned. Initially, the plan was to go to Cavite to attend the badminton training of my brother. But their schedule was changed earlier and we were not notified so if ever we will come to Cavite the training has started and we were late. So my Mom decided that we stroll around in Manila and have some fun.

First stop was Greenhills, it was a place where there are many flea bargain stalls. You can even ask for a lower price on the goods being sold. Anyway, you should have a tough personality when asking for the lowest price on the item you want.

I thought to myself that this is the perfect place to get my brother a mobile phone. I suggested this idea to my mom. Thankfully she obliged and we have evaded that sad look from my brother’s eyes. With my friend by my side, the quest for the best cellular phone begins. After looking for a while, my brother has finally set eyes on a Nokia 6600. Well, there are many available but we are looking for something 2nd hand and in good condition. Of course the lowest price possible.

We have searched and searched until finally I saw this 6600 which really looks incredibly new. It has some games and pretty much in good working condition. But the asking price was PhP 5,600. My mom was not ok with the price so we asked the vendor to lower the price, until finally she agreed with the price of PhP 5,400. Well, not that substantially lower but I guess it will do since the phone really looks like new.

Walking on some mirror, I realized that we would have a hard time asking for a lower price because of what I am carrying. I actually have my Nokia N93i at one hand and carrying my brand new laptop. No wonder they won’t really lower the price. They might think I’m a rich kid or something. Hehe.

After quite sometime, it is time for us to transfer to another place. We got our goals set at the largest mall in all of Asia. The Mall of Asia.

But. I don’t feel like going. I wanted to stay on some place and tinker with my laptop. Well, I really haven’t been to Mall of Asia before so I think it would be nice to go there. I heard it was really a big place. I have prepared my feet for a loooong walk in that mall.

Pretty much, all we did in that mall is stroll around and bought some stuff. Well, I won’t bore you with all the details. The main objective on going to that mall was to see the new Spiderman 3 movie in an IMAX theatre. It was Friday and I think Spiderman 3 just opened last Wednesday at that time. It only means that the theatre was jampacked with people. Thankfull, it isn’t so. Out of all the 9 Cinemas in the Mall of Asia. 8 were Spiderman 3. Unfortunately, for IMAX, they have no available seats till Wednesday.

I was kinda annoyed with the seating system. Sure, you have a reserved seat but you have to come in on the theatre before the movie starts and after the movie, you will be forced to leave. That was pretty much the System on NCCC Mall in Davao before but many people did not really like it so they removed it and changed it to the old system whereas you come to the threatre anytime you want and leave anytime you wish. Anyway, enough about that.

So we watched Spiderman 3 and it was time for us to find a place to stay. Finding a quality place in Manila is pretty much hard to find and we were not planning to stay really long since we have planned to go to Enchanted Kingdom the following day.

We found this nice little place that has a Jacuzzi in the room. They slept and I tinkered with my new lappy. Yes, I’m a nerd.

Oh, it doesn’t end here. See you next time.

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