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Sitting here in my room, I begin to wonder why I was always posting negative stuffs on my blog lately. Come to think of it, almost all the blogs out there post some negative stuffs. For others, they just post for profit and hopefully google will pick them up. That was my purpose once, that’s why I set up these MyX Daily posts. Sadly, it was a failure. Not to worry though, I think some of the people actually visit my blog and read some of my posts.

Lately, has been depressing. It seems like every worst thing in this world in this world has been thrown at me. Most likely I could be the person that will be all emo right now, well during the pass days I was.

I forgot myself.

It seems that I fail to look that there is light at the end of this long tunnel. I just have to “run” to get there. Dwelling on these trivial problems shouldn’t be the case, I should be finding a way to solve it.

A new leaf? Nah, I just had the best slumber ever. No interruptions. I should be doing this more often.

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charles said...

yeah my original reason for being here is the myx countdown - not a bad strategy actually considering it's tough to find the latest rankings online.

as for posting negative stuff, sometimes people just need an audience to vent their emotions. nothing wrong with that, and i'm sure things will come around eventually. take care..