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Davao WiFi Hotspot #2: Jollibee Bolton

So, yeah, here I am again at a Davao City WiFi Hotspot. I could not actually believe that there will actually be a WiFi Hotspot at a Jollibee store. My friends contacted me regarding this wifi spot, it's really peculiar for a fast food chain to have a WiFi Spot.

Clocking the speed here, it's about 500-700 kbps download speed and about 50 kbps upload speed. YouTube is certainly out of the question since the signal is not quite stable, it's only good for surfing and downloading.


Eileenie said...


The Doctor said...

Yesh... Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Eileenie said...

shit.. buti pa jan free.. dito sa starbucks me bayad.

Code said...

Classroom namin hot spot pero bawal gumamit ng laptop kapag suplada ang teacher. hahaha.
Pero who needs a hot spot if you have hot classmates. woohoo!