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A Father's Day Story

Sometimes, when we are alone, we tend to think of the past. We try to remember all the happy memories of our lives. Unfortunately, there are times that we tend to forget some of the happy memories of our lives and we tend to get frustrated.

I am a child that was born unplanned.

Shocking? Perhaps not. In our times today, these things happen oh-so-common. But back then, it wasn’t. I won’t tell the story on how I was conceived. But one thing’s for sure, it was not done with two people loving each other.

And that’s just an introduction.

My father wants to acce3pt the responsibility, but my mother would not allow it. Months turned to Years that I don’t have any father figure at all. Until one day, my father asked my grandmother if he could visit me. July 15, 1990, a day after my birthday, he came. We went out together. He took me and my cousin to Manila Zoo and had fun in Fairview. But that was all I remembered.

My grandmother began telling stories about my father when he visited. It turns out, it was not only one day but he stayed a while. I grew frustrated when I did not remember those happy memories. She said that the three of us (father, mother, and me) slept in one room. We had lots of fun and she said we enjoyed ourselves and we look like a happy complete family. Unfortunately, all I remembered was one day and one day alone.

It was the last time I ever felt I had a father.

Did my mother ever get married? Well, she did. But what happened in that marriage is another story. When I became a Grade 4 student, I transferred in Mindanao. I now have a step father. But that was just for show. I never felt he loved me. I tried to understand him but the thought of not loving me was lingering on my head.

The reason, "maybe he wasn't showy," might be a good reason but he sure did a good job covering his love. Not one ounce of fatherly love I have felt. And now, my parents are on the verge of separation. My mother got fed-up of being humiliated in public by this monster she married.

I finally gave up when we talked last week. He has no respect for me and my mother. My love for him has ended that day when he wouldn't listen to me.

And I quote,

Me (translation below): Ang totoong rason kung bakit ka hihiwalayan ni Mommy is hindi nya na matiis yung pambabastos mo sa kanya sa public. Siya na nga lang ang nagtratrabaho sa pamilya natin.

(The real reason why Mom wanted to end your marriage because she couldn't take it anymore when you humiliate her in public. And still she is the only one working in this family.)

Step Father: Anung bago doon?

(What's new with that?)

Have a pleasant Father's Day, because I won't.



charles said...

sorry to hear about your story. don't feel alone though...the "happy complete family" picture is not as common as you might think. it's a reminder for us future fathers to never forget how our actions affect the next generation.

Anonymous said...


The Doctor said...

Yes, I agree. I just hope, that whatever happens, I can be a good father to my kids.