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Game! June Issue

GAME!, The Best Online Gaming Magazine, goes big time this June with the latest updates and exclusive previews of the upcoming editions of RF Online!

Get ready for an all-out battle with the first online military tactical FPS game in the Philippines, War Rock. Be one of the pioneers of the New World, and know more about character classes in Granado Espada. Enhance your PK skills in Guild Wars. Stay on course with the new visitor’s guide for ROSE Online. Equip your Gunslinger with tips on gunfighting and more in Ragnarok. Discover new gaming features in Khan Online; and go on a shopping frenzy for Supa Supa and Dreamville items.

Know our verdict on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Theme Park, Sonic and the Secret Rings, Super Paper Mario, Command and Conquer 3, and Earth Defense Force 2017 in GAME!’s PC and console reviews!

Grab a copy of GAME! Magazine from your favorite newsstands and magazine stores for only PhP 80!

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