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MyX Daily Countdown - June 12

Happy independence day to all Filipinos out there. I am excited for this week's countdown because a new song popped out. I don't know if you're familiar with The Bloomfields, a band which sings original songs which has striking similarities with the Beatles. We will also see a new song by My Chemical Romance. It appears I don't Love you was kicked out of the countdown. Anyway, here is the countdown for your viewing pleasure.

10 – Next In Line / Erik Santos
9 - What I've Done / Linkin Park
8 - Seksi Seksi /Kamikazee
7 - Ale / The Bloomfields
6 - Shooting Star / Hale
5 – Teenagers / My Chemical Romance
4 – Thnks Fr Th Mmrs / Fallout Boy
3 – Chicosci Vampire Social Club /Chicosi
2 - Pasan / Callalily
1 - Upside Down / 6Cyclemind

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