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A Night of Dilemma

I begin to ask myself “What is love?” several times already. Although I am not a stranger when it comes to love there are moments in my life that are still not clear to me. There is this girl that grew inside of me. Before my 2nd girlfriend and I broke up, she was already there. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t break up because of her. Like I said in my previous entry, we were separated by authority.

Anyway, this girl was there for me in every major events in my life. She practically became a very close friend of mine. We sure had our fun moments but now I am seriously confused, whether the love I am feeling is a friendly love or something deeper. I began analyzing our relationship, but there are signs that I cannot ignore. Of course I cannot divulge that information because that very person might be reading this blog entry.

I wanted to tell her that I am falling in-love but I think that will seriously ruin our friendship. A dilemma that is very common for close friends. I admit that I can easily love someone but loving someone deeper is not a feeling that I can easily feel.

God help me.



gilbert said...

i also can't sleep right now. i'm regretting that i've courted this girl. we're in a relationship right now but it seems that it would have been better if we were friends and i have had kept my feelings to myself. she's shy. and i feel sad. she treats other people great while when she's with me, its as if she's talking to someone she fears. nahihiya. till now. even though i act like a moron just to make her laugh, yun lang. nahihiya parin. hahaay..

blastbm said...

As what a friend said to me:

"There are times that you will just have to enjoy what's there as of the moment and not let the other feelings overcome you."

And let time decide. =)

- blastbm

You know what? We're on the same boat, but I failed to do what I said above... And she's that friend.

The Doctor said...

Thank you very much for sharing your experiences and advice. I guess I will let time decide.

Again, thanks, it means so much to me.