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1 hour and 30 minutes before the exams and here I am slouching in front of the laptop. Well, not really, I am searching for easy explanations with regards to our lecture in Trigonometry. Yes, Trigonometry, some of you might say that it is the most simplest of all the Maths in the College years. Well, pardon me, the last trigonometry lesson I had was years ago and quite frankly I have forgotten all the information regarding that.

It may be my fault by disregarding those lessons that took place in a High School classroom. Yes, I am regretting it now. I'm currently cracking a whip on my back as a punishment(mentally of course).

Damn. I'm gonna be farked big time!

What about the other lessons? Well, they're ok, I guess. You see, I have no problems with the other exams.

I just have this certain Allergic reaction to math. My head aches. A LOT!

Wish me luck >.<

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