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Friday the 13th

Friday the 13th started out very horrible for me. I was late at my Math class. I thought at Club Fair, we only get to sign an attendance and leave. So I thought I could be fashionably late.

But no.

They have classes. And there they were, having a group quiz.

30 minutes late, a group adopted me. It was also a group of late people. We were panicking. But the beauty of it all is that we answered the questions in time.

I did all the calculations? No. Not true. It was a group effort and I'm proud of that group.

July 13th was club day at our school. We were required to join 1 club with the limit of 2 clubs. Being a computer geek, I joined CISCO. I just feel like it and was hoping to learn more from school with that job. I also joined AMAnimation, it's an artists club, more of digital artists. I was under the web design group. There were some group that I want to join but like I said there was a 2 club only limit. Oh well, I think it's for the best.

Happy day on 14th? I hope.

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