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It makes me wonder...

Is life beautiful or does it really suck like most people say it is? These past few days has been the most challenging days of my life. I wanted to explode because of the pressure and the problems in our family.

Here I am, enjoying, possible, the best game ever created while my Mom at our province is being "attacked" by people. Attacked by the "other" family. My Dad's relatives.

It's funny how the separation process occurs here in the Philippines. It's not simply a battle of two people but of families. With all the lies being thrown to us from the other side, it even reached to a point that the bastard's (My STEP father) parents called my mother was a prostitute. What do they think of their son? A SAINT? A saint, of whom I caught cheating with cybersex. A saint who talks to females and constantly giggles in the middle of the night teasing a certain unknown female?

Damn you.

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Anonymous said...

For what it's worth (maybe to tell you you're not alone) people call my mom crazy. At least half of the people living in our street and my father's side of the family. Several cases have been filed by and against my mom. She almost got killed once by a neighbor and someone attacked her which resulted to 4 stitches on her forehead.

To make matters worst, I was not there when those things happened. I'm only informed through calls.

Life is beautiful. Full of drama. Just cry it all out and get it over and done with.