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And so it starts...

Yes, I know I haven't updated my blog lately. I've been busy with lotsa stuff namely the Jade Nightingale Tournament of Perfect World, magazine project of our class, and some articles for Game! Magazine.

Let me start first with the Jade Nightingale tournament, well it was fun. Although some poeple are not exactly happy of me being imported on another Clan. Well, that's my friend's clan and naturally I want to help him. Some poeple are just plane shallow and could not understand the real reason I joined that clan.

Anyway, on to the next news in my life. The Magazine project of our class. It's pretty much, shall we say, frustrating, since it feels like I am the only person doing the project. This project by the way is our Finals exam and pretty much I want to be exempted from it. Anyway, I just hope I could finish this project by tomorrow so I could start on my Game! Magazine article.

Speaking of Game! Magazine article, I have two articles to finish this week. Whew!

Good luck to me! Anyway, I will be at Level Up! Live. =D

OH! By the way, Myx Daily top ten will be posted on Friday.

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