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After several months of being inactive, I am now able to post in this blog. I know that many people were dismayed by the sudden halt of the MyX Daily Countdown but unfortunately other blogs has been copying my style. Anyway, I will try to post the Top 10 again soon but unfortunately not now.

So what's up with my life right now? I am still currently immersed in the online game Perfect World. Yes, it's currently taking over the country by storm. I am hoping that I would reach 100 this week so I can be included in the Warrior's challenge.

School? Well everything's fine. A little boring since the subjects are still pretty basic. As much as I wanted to skip attending those subjects, I have to, since they are prerequisites. Anyway, I still learn something from those subjects. For example, the nature of Hubs and Switches. Different kinds of Networks and other technical stuff.

Family? It's complicated (Trademarked by Friendster). Today will be the day wherein my mother will file the annulment of marriage against my step dad. By then, they will be given 6 months to reconcile, which is impossible to happen.

So that's about it. An update of my life.

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